After launching the new AdMob in May, we’ve been excited about how the platform could enable us to build new tools to benefit your apps business. Today, we’re announcing two new features; ad network optimization and impression goal campaigns for house ads, that can help you earn more from your apps.

Ad network optimization

Many app developers use more than one ad network to improve fill rate in their apps. Yet the challenge of earning the most revenue from networks remains. Allocating impressions to the best-performing networks often means manually comparing CPM reports, a method that doesn’t capture the most recent CPM.

Ad network optimization is a free service that makes the process a whole lot easier; it evaluates the CPM of each network in your mediation stack, and dynamically reorders them so the network with the highest CPM serves an ad to your app.

Once set up, AdMob continually obtains the freshest possible CPM value from each ad network and compares them. In addition, you can enable the AdMob network to bid alongside other networks on each impression. Ad network optimization currently supports AdMob, InMobi, JumpTap, and MdotM, with more ad networks coming soon.

Impression goal campaigns

AdMob house ads are an essential way to promote other apps to your users, using your own inventory, free of charge. Now, with impression goal campaigns, you can set a limit on the number of impressions you want to serve in a house ads campaign.

Impression goal campaigns are served via AdMob Mediation and take precedence over other ad sources in the mediation stack. Having more control over your house ad impressions means you can more intelligently cross-promote apps from your portfolio, while balancing the revenue you earn from mediated networks. Alternatively, you can work out a deal directly with an advertiser outside of AdMob, to run their campaign in your app.

Both of these features are only available through the new AdMob, so if you haven’t upgraded your account yet, we recommend you do.

Check out the new AdMob help center to get started with ad network optimization and impression goal campaigns.

Posted by Vishay Nihalani, Product Manager, AdMob