The Ad Review Center is a new feature in AdMob that gives you more transparency and control over the ads which appear in your apps.

Ad Review Center lets you review ads before they appear in your app, and you can see the ads which have already shown in your app, to assess if you want to continue showing those ads to your users. It’s particularly useful for brand-conscious developers.

The Ad Review Center is available to all AdMob developers globally. Getting started is easy: you can manually enable it within your account by visiting the Monetize tab of your account, then clicking ‘Ad review center’ in the left hand navigation and following the instructions. Once its set up, you can choose between two modes:

  • Run ads immediately. This mode gives you the most potential revenue. Ads of all targeting types (contextual, interest-based, and placement) automatically serve to your apps, taking into account whatever filters you’ve already set up in your account. You can then review the ads which have appeared and potentially block them from running again.
  • Hold ads for 24 hours. This mode applies to placement-targeted ads only, which are ads that advertisers have chosen to target to your app specifically. Ads are held up to 24 hours before showing in your apps, or until you explicitly approve them. If you don’t take action within 24 hours, ads will begin showing in your app.

Holding and blocking ads can have a significant impact on your revenue, and ads which are awaiting review or have been blocked don’t compete in the auction. We strongly recommend that you use the Run ads immediately mode, then review and take action if you don’t want particular ads to appear again later.

More details about this new feature can be found on the AdMob Help Center.

Posted by Vishay Nihalani, Product Manager, AdMob