We've aimed to make transition from DoubleClick for Advertisers to DoubleClick Campaign Manager as seamless as possible for our API users. These two systems differ in a requirement for using In-App creatives - in DFA these creatives can be assigned to any standard placement, while in DCM they must be assigned to a placement with an In-App type. We want to make your transition as painless as possible, so we've added a way for you to handle this situation from either platform.

We've patched 4 new placement types into the DFA API version 1.20:

Placement TypePlacement Type ID Number
Agency Paid In-App14
Agency Paid In-App Interstitial15
Publisher Paid In-App16
Publisher Paid In-App Interstitial17

These types exist in both upgraded and pre-upgrade accounts, with one important difference. Since DFA doesn't actually support In-App placements, using these new placement type identifiers will result in the creation of standard placements instead. For example, saving a placement of type “Agency Paid In-App” (type ID number 14) will result in the creation of an “Agency Paid regular” placement with type ID number 3.

We will never return placements with these new types to pre-upgrade users, and you may continue to traffic In-App creatives to standard placements until you upgrade. During your account's migration to DCM, we will automatically correct the type of any existing placement trafficking In-App creatives as part of your upgrade process. After the upgrade, you will no longer be allowed to traffic In-App creatives to standard placements. To better future-proof your application for your upgrade, create placements intended for In-App using these new type codes even before upgrading to DCM.

We've added this change to our DCM upgrade guide. Feel free to update your applications with these new types as soon as possible. If you have any questions about these new placement types, we're always available at our forum and our Google+ page.